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InnovaPharm kicks off its Essential Series with Immune-1 for immune support

innovapharm immune 1

Immune-1 is the first supplement from InnovaPharm for its Essentials Series, formulated, as its name suggests, to comprehensively support and protect your immune system. The product comes packed with ingredients to not only help with immunity, but also improve overall health and vitality with a well-dosed blend of various vitamins, minerals, and other active ingredients.

We’ve added the facts panel for InnovaPharm’s Immune-1 below, where everything is transparently dosed, so you know how much of each ingredient you get per serving. Like many other InnovaPharm supplements, Immune-1 does include premium branded ingredients with ImmunePep and Pro-NK shatavari root, alongside solid dosages of others such as a gram each of elderberry and vitamin c.

innovapharm immune 1

Immune-1 is due to be available starting today through InnovaPharm’s online store at It comes with the usual amount of 30 servings per tub, and it won’t be the brand’s only Essential Series product for long. InnovaPharm has said it’s working on expanding the line with other health and wellness type supplements, some as complex as Immune-1, and some with just one ingredient.