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Realistic Key Lime Pie flavor joins the Bang energy drink’s ever-growing menu

key lime pie bang energy drink

The latest flavor of the hugely popular Bang energy drink has been revealed and released just over a week since VPX Sports started teasing the product. Based on the colors, we suspected the flavor to be some sort of fruity concoction, potentially including hints of kiwi or lime. It turns out, we weren’t too far off, as the key taste of the now unveiled flavor is one of those two.

The team behind the growing energy beverage is welcoming a Key Lime Pie Bang this week, and promises a pie flavor you can actually taste, along with key lime and apparently pie crust. Based solely on Bang’s description of the product, the all-new Key Lime Pie sounds like quite an interesting combination of flavors, at least compared to the energy drinks we’ve tried.

VPX Sports has already added its Key Lime Pie Bang to its online store at, where you can grab a full, 12-can case of the energy drink for its regular direct price of $31.99.

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