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LionEdge gets back into joint support with something similar to its original entry

lionedge inflammation rx

LionEdge Nutrition has come out with an entirely new supplement, which is not something we’ve seen it do since the launch of Joint Edge Rx from back in 2018. The new product the brand is introducing is actually for the same category as Joint Edge Rx, which is no longer listed on the LionEdge website, with the joint support supplement Inflammation Rx.

Inflammation Rx is indeed a natural anti-inflammatory product, also featuring ingredients to strengthen your immune system, support overall joint health, and improve digestion. The formula behind the supplement isn’t that complex; in fact, it features an extremely similar combination of ingredients as Joint Edge Rx with vitamin c, zinc, selenium, ginger root, turmeric, Kre-Celazine Kre-Alkalyn, and BioPrine to enhance absorption.

lionedge inflammation rx

You can see all of the dosages for each of the ingredients in the open and fully transparent facts panel of Inflammation Rx in the image above. If you remember LionEdge Nutrition’s original Joint Edge Rx, you’ll notice that Inflammation Rx does have a lot of the same ingredients but not the same dosages. There is only a third of the Kre-Celainze Kre-Alkalyn and half the turmeric, with the other compounds mostly the same.

If you’d like to purchase LionEdge Nutrition’s latest and multi-benefit product, it is now in stock and available from its online store. Not too surprisingly, the price on Inflammation Rx is exactly the same as Joint Edge Rx at $49.99, with the same 30 servings per bottle.