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Latest Macro Mike creation lets you make your own tasty protein ice cream

macro mike nice cream mix

The team at Macro Mike, a functional brand in Australia, has put together another powder supplement for fans to turn into a tasty, high-protein treat. The latest product from Macro Mike is Nice Cream Mix for you to create your own high protein ice cream. It is gluten and dairy-free, has absolutely no added sugar, completely natural, and is plant-based and vegan-friendly.

Macro Mike’s Nice Cream Mix is relatively easy to use, where all you need to do is combine a serving with frozen banana and plant-based milk, blend it all together, then you’re good to go. A single 40g serving of the supplement by itself provides a hefty 24g of protein, primarily from almond protein, 33.6g of carbohydrates with 18.8g of that sugar, 4.9g of fat, and a calorie count of 272.

Other ingredients Macro Mike’s has thrown into its protein ice cream mix are coconut flower nectar, Himalayan rock salt, coconut milk powder, and the premium probiotic Lactospore for digestion and gut health. Nice Cream Mix currently comes in the one Strawberry Shortcake flavor and is available in Australia through the brand’s website at $29.95 (21.62 USD) for a 280g bag.