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All-new anabolic formula named ‘WAP’ also on the way from ‘Merica Labz

merica labz wap

‘Merica Labz is really turning up the heat for the last few months of the year, announcing several new supplements that all sound like they’re going to be quite significant. There are the two spin-offs of the brand’s stimulant pre-workout Red, White and Boom with Napalm Edition and the intense A-Bomb Edition, and the two-ingredient muscle builder Full Metal Jacket.

While three new products is certainly enough for any brand to launch over the next few months, that’s apparently not enough for ‘Merica Labz. The patriotic company has added another item to its growing list of launches, which is actually along the same lines as Full Metal Jacket. The latest supplement announced by the brand is ‘Wicked Anabolic Product’ or ‘WAP’.

The name of the supplement is, of course, a play on Cardi B’s hit song WAP, although for ‘Merica Labz, as mentioned, it stands for Wicked Anabolic Product. The three-letter title also represents the three ingredients in the supplement with withania somnifera for ‘W’, also known as ashwagandha, anacyclus pyrethrum for ‘A’, and Paradoxine grains of paradise for ‘P’.

All we know about the launch of ‘Merica Labz WAP is that it’s releasing sometime soon, but as touched on earlier, it is far from all that fans have to look forward to. WAP joins a growing list of new releases for the brand, sitting alongside Red, White and Boom Napalm Edition, Red, White and Boom A-Bomb Edition, and Full Metal Jacket.