‘Merica previews its highly-anticipated A Bomb edition of Red, White and Boom

Sep 1st, 2020
merica labz red white boom a bomb edition

An all-new version of ‘Merica Labz intense, spin-off pre-workout ‘Red, White and Boom H-Bomb Edition’, has been talked about since the first few months of the year. The upcoming supplement promises the same extra intense experience as the original with a slightly different formula, the new name ‘Red, White and Boom A-Bomb Edition’, and we can now also confirm, a new look.

To get some additional hype and excitement going, ‘Merica Labz has shared a preview of its highly-anticipated Red, White and Boom A-Bomb Edition. It doesn’t reveal any of the ingredients in the product but does list a tub weight of 430g, which means it’ll have a similar size serving as the regular Red, White and Boom if it carries on that original total of 20 full-servings per tub.

As for the look of Red, White and Boom A-Bomb Edition, as you can see in the image above, it is very different from H-Bomb. The brand has decided to give the supplement a simpler look with less of that bright and colorful ‘Merica branding. The new look for A-Bomb is also only for A-Bomb, with ‘Merica Labz actually planning to give each of its products a slightly different look and feel.

‘Merica Labz will be rolling out newly branded versions of each of its supplements over the next six months or so. It looks like Red, White and Boom A-Bomb Edition will be the first to hit the market with two flavors to choose from in Wild Blue Yonder and Alpine Pew Pew.