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New formula and full transparency coming to Metabolic’s pump pre-workout

metabolic nutrition psp

PSP is Metabolic Nutrition’s stimulant-free, pump enhancing pre-workout that can be easily stacked with its stimulant pre-workout ESP to further increase pumps. It first hit the market five years ago with a non-transparent blend of various pump ingredients such as glycerol, norvaline, agmatine, and citrulline, as well as some features for focus in choline and n-acetyl-l-tyrosine.

Metabolic Nutrition has announced it’s gearing up to release an all-new version of PSP, still promising to deliver better pumps, focus, and performance for your workout, without any stimulants. The updated supplement is going to have a different blend of ingredients with a hefty maximum serving size of 32g, but more importantly, unlike the original, it’ll be fully transparent.

The transparency is a key feature, mostly because the last version of Metabolic Nutrition’s PSP had every one of its main ingredients behind a blend, so we didn’t know the dosages of any of them. The brand is looking to launch the revamped product soon and with what appears to be a similar serving split to Glaxon, at 42 servings per tub or 21 maximum servings.