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MickFit decides to add light carbonation to its flagship energy drink

mickfit energy drink light carbonated

The fresh new energy drink brand MickFit, who we posted about earlier in the month regarding two new flavors for its flagship beverage, has dropped a development announcement this week. The news is a small change to MickFit’s only product, that will make it feel and taste a bit different for those that have already experienced the energy drink.

Basically, the original MickFit beverage in its Guava Pear flavor was not carbonated, unlike most energy drinks. The growing brand has now decided to change that and relaunch its signature beverage with light carbonation. All of its active ingredients have remained the same, including 120mg of natural caffeine, EAAs, b vitamins, and coconut water.

When purchasing MickFit’s energy drink from its website, moving forward, fans will receive the lightly carbonated version. Also, for those wondering about the upcoming Black Cherry and Orange flavors, they are going to feature the switch to carbonated as well.

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