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MuscleBlaze turns a traditional Indian dessert into a mass gainer flavor

muscleblaze kulfi super gainer xxl

Indian sports nutrition brand MuscleBlaze has put together a creative new flavor for its mass protein Super Gainer XXL. It is the type of flavor we always enjoy seeing from brands around the world as it is inspired by a local frozen dessert. MuscleBlaze has taken Kulfi, described as traditional Indian ice cream, and turned it into a flavor of its four-figure calorie supplement.

The all-new Kulfi Super Gainer XXL aims to deliver the traditional treat’s signature taste, said to be slightly thicker and creamier than ice cream, which should be an easy texture to hit in a gainer with almost 1,400 calories. MuscleBlaze’s Kulfi-flavored mass protein packs Super Gainer’s usual 67.5g of protein in a full serving alongside 266g of carbohydrates and 1,386 calories.

Currently, MuscleBlaze’s Kulfi Super Gainer XXL comes in the one large, 6.6lb tub size, and carries a regular price directly through the brand’s website of ₹3099. To go with the launch of MuscleBlaze’s unique new taste, it has dropped the Kulfi flavor specifically down to ₹1699 (23.05 USD), with Super Gainer’s other options discounted as well, but not by as much.

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