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Myoblox makes quite a few changes for its seventh version of Loco

myoblox loco v7

Myoblox has released the seventh iteration of its stimulant pre-workout Loco this week, with many key changes coming in this one. The brand has both removed and added ingredients for the latest version of the supplement, which should give it a slightly different feel and performance overall. A couple of the more notable changes include no more beta-alanine or betaine in the product.

You can see the full combination of ingredients Myoblox has switched to for its all-new Loco or Loco V7, directly below. As mentioned, some of the biggest changes are that the supplement no longer features the performance supporting ingredient beta-alanine or betaine. In their place, the brand has put a relatively hefty, 6g dose of citrulline malate to further improve muscle pumps.

The changes continue in Loco V7’s group of ingredients for energy and mental focus. Like its predecessor, the latest version of the Myoblox product has all of those ingredients in a non-transparent blend, weighing a reasonable 1.425g per serving. This time around, that blend includes choline bitartrate, RealCaf natural caffeine, theanine, theobromine, Advantra Z, and huperzine a.

myoblox loco v7

Myoblox really seems to have put more attention on increasing energy, focus, and pumps with Loco V7, and less interest in support performance and endurance. As mentioned, the brand has dropped beta-alanine and betaine from the supplement, as well as elevATP, with only pump and focus ingredients added back in to ensure it maintains a well-rounded formula.

You can now purchase Loco V7 directly from Myoblox in its online store at As promised, the brand has also delivered better value with its newest version of Loco, as it comes with more full servings at 25, and costs less at $39.99. The renewed pre-workout has hit the market with three flavors to choose from in Lime Sherbet, Sour Cherry Cola, and Watermelon Candy.