UK’s fittest man Zack George puts together a special edition tee with Myprotein

2 days ago
myprotein zack george tee

Myprotein has teamed up with the UK’s fittest man, Zack George, for a special edition collection of clothing, all featuring a print design called ‘Team Silverback’. The series puts the silverback gorilla-themed illustration on an acid-washed, oversized grey tee, with the print available in eye-catching neon colors, including blue, orange, green, and pink.

You can see the Team Silverback illustration on Myprotein and Zack George’s clothing collaboration, in the image above. It is printed quite large on the back of the shirts, while the front features Myprotein’s logo in the center of the chest. You can grab any color variant of the Team Silverback tee at for £26 (33.56 USD) in sizes XS to XXL.

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