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Distributor Prometeus gets an exclusive version of Naughty Boy’s Menace

naughty boy pink lemo menace

Lifestyle brand Naughty Boy has been in the headlines almost every few weeks this year with news of entirely new supplements on the horizon, formula reveals, or official launches. Initially, we thought being a newcomer, the excitement and momentum would trail off; however, that has not proven to be the case as the UK brand continues to tease and announce product after product.

This week things are no different, as Naughty Boy is back in the headlines with news of a special edition version of its original stimulant pre-workout, Menace. The product is actually an alternate take on the European version of Menace, which is already slightly different from the UK one. The regular Menace in Europe comes with essentially all of the same ingredients but TeaCrine and choline bitartrate in place of juglans regia and AlphaZone alpha-GPC.

naughty boy pink lemo menace

Naughty Boy’s special edition version of the European Menace mixes things up even further, taking out TeaCrine and choline as well as biophytum, and adding in Dynamine, Infinergy di-caffeine malate, and huperzine a. Alpha-GPC has also been brought back to the supplement, but at a lighter amount than the version in the UK with 300mg per serving instead of 600mg.

The added Infinergy does increase the amount of caffeine you get per serving of the pre-workout, bumping up to 400mg, which is 10mg more than the regular European Menace. A few other details that set the special edition product apart from the original are that it comes in a new Pink Lemo flavor, it’s limited edition, and exclusive to Naughty Boy’s European distributor Prometeus.

Fans of the growing Naughty Boy can look forward to seeing the higher caffeine and Dynamine infused Pink Lemon Menace in stores in about one month, during the first couple of weeks of October.