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NJIE drops another bar made with oats, milk protein and freeze-dried fruit

njie protein and oats bar

Swedish brand NJIE, the company behind the popular ProPud family of protein products, has introduced a new protein bar this week with Protein & Oats, which is precisely that. The latest release the brand has brought to market is another on-the-go protein snack in a traditional bar format, and true to its name, it is primarily made with whole grain oats and milk protein.

NJIE’s Protein & Oats is slightly higher in carbohydrates compared to your typical protein bar, which is, of course, not surprising, seeing as it’s an oat-based snack. On the protein side, you get a moderate 14g per bar, alongside 10g of fiber, 22g of carbohydrates with a low 2.5g of that sugar, no added sugar, 7.8g of fat, and 221 calories.

Another notable feature of NJIE’s latest on-the-go protein product is that it comes in two fruity flavors, both made with freeze-dried fruit to ensure they deliver on their promised tastes. There are two options for NJIE’s Protein & Oats in Blueberries and Raspberries, each packed with a good amount of freeze-dried blueberries or raspberries, and wrapped in sweet white chocolate.

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