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NutraOne aims to support men in the bedroom with its latest supplement

nutraone nutrition hard drive

NutraOne Nutrition has come out with a supplement formulated specifically to help men in the bedroom. It is a male performance product named ‘Hard Drive’, promising to boost strength and sex drive, enhance blood flow, and increase testosterone levels. Like other supplements in the category, you don’t get a lot of servings per bottle with just ten in Hard Drive, and a price tag of $35.99.

The formula behind NutraOne Nutrition’s Hard Drive is made up of relatively common ingredients, although unfortunately, nothing outside of the vitamin b3 and zinc is transparently dosed. The brand has wrapped all of its main ingredients in a non-transparent proprietary blend, so you know what compounds are in the product, but not precisely how much of each one you get per serving.

The main blend in NutraOne Nutrition’s Hard Drive comes in at a combined 1.01g per two-capsule serving. The ingredients making up the blend are maca, cnidium, kaempferia parviflora, ginseng, cordyceps, epimedium, longjack, BioPerine, and of course, yohimbine. Once again, you get just ten servings per bottle of Hard Drive, which at $35 directly from the brand, works out $3.50 a serving.