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Olimp brings together a few common ingredients for its latest test booster

olimp fortest

The major Polish supplement company Olimp, has expanded its already extensive line of products this month with a capsule testosterone booster called ‘Fortest’. The supplement features what is possibly the brand’s biggest variety of ingredients for the category, with almost two and a half grams of actives, although the ingredients are all fairly common.

Olimp’s all-new Fortest comes packed with a gram of maca, 600mg of fenugreek, half a gram of shilajit, 6.5mg of zinc, schisandra, saffron, and freeze-dried royal jelly. The combination promises to help boost testosterone naturally to in turn increase libido and performance, support muscle strength and size, and improve natural energy and recovery.

Olimp has wrapped up all of Fortest’s ingredients in a four-capsule serving size with the usual amount of 30 servings per box. You can purchase the testosterone boosting product in stores and stockists throughout Europe soon, if not already, or you can head to and grab it directly from the brand’s online store at €38 (44.85 USD).