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Olympus shares the high-energy formula behind its all-new Grind Energy

olympus lyfestyle grind energy

The formula behind Grind Energy, Olympus Lyfestyle’s first new supplement in quite some time, has been revealed today, with the product’s launch coming this Monday, as previously confirmed. Grind Energy is an energy and focus enhancing supplement, formulated for use any time you need increased energy and mental focus such as work, study, gaming, or even a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

In typical fashion of Olympus Lyfestyle or its sister brand Olympus Labs, Grind Energy brings together a variety of well-dosed ingredients to deliver on its goal of lasting energy, enhanced mood and focus, increased cognition, and better performance. The formula includes a handful of premium branded ingredients such as NooLVL, Dynamine, Cognizin, and the Virtiva blend of ginkgo and phosphatidylserine.

You can see the complete combination of ingredients Olympus Lyfestyle’s Grind Energy brings together in the facts panel above with a hefty dose of NooLVL at 1.6g per serving alongside a solid 260mg of Dynamine. That maximum serving also comes with 750mg of acetyl-l-carnitine, 250mg of Cognizin citicoline, and a relatively high caffeine amount at 300mg.

olympus lyfestyle grind energy

It is worth noting that the 300mg of caffeine comes in Grind Energy’s maximum serving of two scoops, leaving you room to tone it down by taking the one scoop. The downside there is you won’t get the full amounts of those other ingredients, but the Olympus Lyfestyle product will last a lot longer as each tub has 30 regular, single-scoop servings, and only 15 servings at that maximum two-scoop.

Once again, Olympus Lyfestyle is due to release Grind Energy in just a couple of days on Labor Day. There are going to be introductory deals for the energy and focus enhancing supplement, giving you the chance to save right out of the gate. On the flavor side, Grind Energy will have three tastes to choose from at launch with a Red Bull-like Mystery Flavor, Al Cappuccino, and Lemon.

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