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Latest Performa shaker seesit team up with Jason and Friday the 13th

performa friday the 13th

The shaker brand Performa, the one who originally brought superhero bottles to the industry, has a variety of lines available that go far beyond its Marvel and DC Comics series. It has Hasbro collections themed around Transformers, GI Joe, and Power Rangers, a Major League Baseball collection, and WWE, with this week bringing something entirely new, different, but still authentic.

Performa has put together a shaker based on the iconic horror film franchise Friday The 13th, which is, of course, officially licensed. It features the well-known Friday The 13th logo alongside the mask of the main character from the movies, Jason Voorhees. The product is available now from the Performa online store, giving you several weeks to get it in your hands in time for Halloween.

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