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Image surfaces of USN’s Qhush energy drink for the US with a high-energy formula

qhush electric blue energy drink usn america

USN recently teased it is bringing its Qhush energy drink available in its home country of South Africa, to the US market. In that teaser, it looked like it would be introducing the Gamer and Red Fury Qhush beverages to the country, and now we’ve got a full look at one of them. An image of the Gamer Qhush in the US has surfaced, featuring a similar but slightly different design.

USN has carried over its blue skull head theme for the Gamer Qhush, as well as the callout of “Extreme Energy & Focus”. The brand has however dropped the Spike X300 reference, which is an older energy drink the brand has in South Africa, its title reads just “Qhush” not “It’s The Qhush”, and it has a flavor name of sorts at the bottom with “Electric Blue”.

usn electric blue qhush energy drink

The ingredients USN has put into the US release of its Electric Blue Qhush energy drink appear to be much the same as the original, including a strong 300mg of caffeine, vitamin c, taurine, carnitine tartrate, theanine, taurine, and ginseng. It is also guilt-free and not loaded with sugar like a lot of other energy beverages out there having no fat, sugar, or carbohydrates, and zero calories.

We’re still unsure when USN is planning to officially launch its Qhush energy drink in the US, but with the latest news, it doesn’t sound like it’s too far away.