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Razer partners with 5 for a chewing gum version of its gaming supplement

razer respawn by 5

Last year the gaming hardware giant Razer got into the supplement market with a product named Respawn, formulated to increase energy and support mental focus. We did get the chance to try the supplement and found it tasted quite good but only provided energy drink-like effects with moderately uplifting energy and not too much to offer in the focus department.

Razer has now come out with another product under its Respawn brand, which is in an intriguing format and a collaboration with another big name company. The latest Razer creation is Respawn By 5, a chewing gum version of Respawn, put together in partnership with the stylish 5 Gum. It doesn’t come with quite as many active ingredients as the original Respawn, although it still aims to raise your game.

razer respawn by 5

The main ingredients in Razer’s all-new Respawn By 5 chewing gum include a blend of b vitamins and caffeine from green tea. The exact amount of caffeine doesn’t appear to be listed or highlighted anywhere, suggesting there isn’t all that much. The product is also guilt-free with zero sugar and just five calories in each of the 15 individually wrapped pieces per box.

Razer has introduced its Respawn collaboration with 5 Gum in three flavors, one of which is a classic chewing gum option with Cool Mint. The other two are fruity recipes in Tropical Punch and a flavor from the regular Respawn powder menu with Pomegranate Watermelon. You can order Respawn By 5 through Razer’s online store in cases of ten boxes priced between the Respawn stick packs and tubs at $27.99.

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