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Seasonal Pumpkin Spice flavor from Rule One is back for R1 Whey Blend

rule one pumpkin spice r1 whey

If you’re a fan of pumpkin flavored-supplements or a regular reader of ours, you’ll likely know it’s the time of year where brands throughout the world of supplements, come out or bring back a pumpkin-themed flavor. Obvi announced Pumpkin Spice Latte for its Super Collagen Protein, and more, recently, RXBar, brought back Pumpkin Spice for its RXBar and RX Nut Butter.

Rule One Proteins has now thrown its hat into the ring and relaunched the seasonal pumpkin flavor for one of its more mainstream protein powders. The name of the flavor is ‘Pumpkin Spice’, similar to a lot of others on the market, and the product the flavor is for is the same as last year with R1 Whey Blend.

Rule One Proteins already has the returning Pumpkin Spice R1 Whey Blend available for purchase on its website, and in just the one tub size to start with a 28 serving 2lb.

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