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Spitfire Labs gets into the fat burner category with its high-energy Demon Burn

spitfire labs demon burn

The last entirely new supplement we saw from Spitfire Labs came a few months ago in April with its first-ever amino formula, the full-spectrum EAA, Mega Amino DEAAD, packing 5.95g of EAAs per serving. The brand is back for the month of September with something that’s both entirely new and an extension of its pre-workout Demon, introducing the Spitfire spin-off product, Demon Burn.

Spitfire Labs Demon Burn is essentially a high stimulant supplement, like the pre-workout Demon, blended together with weight loss supporting ingredients to make for a high-energy fat burner. A single serving of Demon Burn is packed with 325mg of caffeine from three sources, divided up into 200mg from caffeine anhydrous, 75mg from Infinergy, and 50mg from caffeine citrate.

While caffeine is a significant highlight of Spitfire Labs’ weight loss product, its list of ingredients does not end there. It also includes a light 330mg focus blend of Kanna, 5-HTP, tyrosine, and huperzine a, 75mg each of NeuroFactor and halostachine, and 50mg of synephrine. The formula finishes off with a 505mg combination of weight loss ingredients in olive leaf, juniper berry, GBB, and the branded features, CarlorieBurn grains of paradise, and MitoBurn.

As per usual, the first place stocking Spitfire Labs’ newest product is its retail partner A1 Supplements. Also, as per usual, A1 has Demon Burn with an ongoing buy one get one deal where instead of paying $29.95 a bottle, you can get two at $22.46 each. The product has the usual 30 servings per bottle, with the brand directing fans to start out with half a serving due to its high stimulant formula.