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Viterna teams up with singer Laila Bagge for an eye-catching set of supplements

viterna laila bagge collection

The Swedish supplement company Viterna has teamed up with a famous singer and songwriter from its home country for her own collection of products. The individual Viterna is collaborating with is Laila Bagge, and the result of the partnership is a series of supplements formulated to support beauty and general health, all wrapped up in eye-catching branding and packaging.

There are five products in the Viterna Laila Bagge line that Bagge herself says she uses every day to feel good inside and out. While five is a good number of supplements to have right out of the gat, and enough to make a collection more complete and comprehensive, three of those supplements are collagen-based.

The non-collagen products are My Daily and My ZMA, with the former a daily use vitamin and mineral supplement infused with reds and greens blends, then you have My ZMA, which combines ZMA, chamomile, and theanine. As for details on the Viterna Collagen products, there is the straightforward ‘Collagen’ with 7g of hydrolyzed collagen per serving, and the two identically named ‘Collaplex’.

Viterna’s Collaplexes feature a variety of ingredients alongside collagen, as opposed to just collagen, with added hyaluronic acid, boswellia, and chondroitin. They differ from one another by way of format, as one comes in capsules and the other in powder. All of the brand’s collagen supplements’ main goals are to support healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints; basically, your typical collagen benefits.

Viterna’s entire eye-catching Laila Bagge collection is already out and available, in Sweden of course, from the likes of Apotek Hjärtat and Naturprodukter with prices ranging from 229 kr (26.06 USD) to 399 kr (45.40 USD), depending on the supplement.

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