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Muscle building RipFactor the star of Alpha Lion’s next Gains Candy entry

alpha lion gains candy ripfactor

Gains Candy is a simple but unique series of supplements from Alpha Lion, which is a different kind of take on an essential line of products, typically made up of creatine, glutamine, fish oil, and BCAAs. Alpha Lion’s series does things differently by still being made up of single-ingredient supplements; however, those supplements rely on more premium ingredients.

Next week, the day before Halloween, Alpha Lion is dropping another Gains Candy product in RipFactor, named after its key feature. RipFactor is a relatively new ingredient combining two botanical extracts that have shown some promising results. The ingredient has seen increases as much as five times in strength, four times muscle size, and double the endurance compared to placebo.

Knowing Alpha Lion, its upcoming RipFactor will come with a reliable dosage of the intriguing muscle-building ingredient, and since that is its main feature, fans can easily stack it with other supplements. Once again, you’ll be able to grab it next week on Friday, and being a Gains Candy Series product, its price shouldn’t be as high as some of the brand’s more complex supplements.