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Flavored version of Animal Cuts enters Animal’s Alpha Testing Program

animal cuts alpha testing program

The Alpha Testing Program is where the hardcore brand Animal puts together samples of upcoming supplements and gives them to fans for first-hand feedback before going ahead with a full launch. The legacy supplement company has been doing this for as long as we can remember, and is currently doing it with an all-new format and formula of a previously released product.

Animal’s stimulant-fueled weight loss supplement Animal Cuts is the product in the Alpha Testing Program at the moment, although it is not in capsules like the version you’ll find on shelves. The brand is testing a flavored alternative of Animal Cuts, still designed to deliver the same sort of benefits compared to the packs of pills, but in flavored powder, similar to the flavored Animal Pak.

We have seen supplements announced through Animal’s Alpha Testing Program take several months before coming to market, so while a flavored Animal Cuts is in the works, it may not be available for a while. The upside is that we now know the powder product is coming, so if you’ve ever wanted to try Animal Cuts, but aren’t a fan of pills, be on the look out.

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