Apollos releases a flavored fish-sourced collagen with a few extra features

Oct 25th, 2020
apollos hegemony diamond fish collagen

Collagen supplements have become one of the busier categories over the past year or so, with many companies coming out with something for that area of the industry. A lot of the products have been relatively basic with just collagen in flavored and unflavored powder, although we have seen some more complex supplements, with Obvi’s Super Collagen Protein being a great example.

Polish supplement company Apollos Hegemony is introducing an all-new collagen product this month that isn’t overly advanced, but it’s not your typical collagen-based supplement. Diamond Fish Collagen is the latest from Apollos, which sets itself apart from the many other competitors by featuring premium NatiCol 4000, fish-sourced collagen, and at a good dosage of 8.5g per serving.

Apollos Hegemony’s Diamond Dish Collagen also comes with a couple of other ingredients to further help with the classic collagen beauty benefits, in 5,000mcg of biotin and 50mg of hyaluronic acid. The ingredients have all been rolled together in a flavored powder supplement, that is now available in Europe in two fruity flavors with Orange and Lemon, packing 30 servings per tub.

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