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Five basic supplements to kick off Aware’s new health and wellness line

aware nutrition health line

Despite the Swedish brand Aware Nutrition not being all that old, only really hitting the market near the end of last year, it has grown quite a bit in 2020. The up and coming company has continued to expand its line of supplements, taking on many more mainstream categories such as amino with Aware EAAs and Aware BCAA, and standalone creatine powder.

While Aware Nutrition has added a lot of products to its lineup, it still doesn’t have all that much overall. Next week, it looks like that is going to change drastically, thanks to the introduction of the brand’s Health Line. That series will be a collection of basic, health, and wellness type supplements, with a total of five different formulas to start.

Aware Nutrition’s Health Line is due to arrive on Tuesday of next week and will be available to fans in its home country of Sweden through its website. The five products the series is kicking off with include simple omega-3, vitamin d, and ZMA formulas, Brain Booster to support focus and cognition, and Aware Multivitamin with various vitamins and minerals.