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Big Zone’s latest product gives fans a low-calorie iced tea alternative

big zone dice tea

German brand Big Zone has introduced a rather interesting product this week called ‘Dice Tea’, which is far from the typical sports nutrition or bodybuilding supplements we see from it. Big Zone’s Dice Tea is actually not a supplement but a functional product, designed to be added to water to give you an iced tea-like experience with almost zero calories.

Big Zone’s latest release is more of a flavoring powder that comes in three tea-type tastes in Lemon Iced Tea, Peach Iced Tea, and Turkish Apple Tea. They all promise to deliver the flavor in their names but have almost zero nutrition per serving. There is no protein or fat, just 2.32g of carbohydrates with only 300mg of that sugar, and a total of 13 calories.

The major retailer Gigas Nutrition is one of the first places stocking Big Zone Dice Tea in tubs with the usual 30 servings at a price of €17.90 (21.14 USD).

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