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Latest line of shakers from BlenderBottle themed around magical creatures

blenderbottle magical creatures series

While BlenderBottle does do a lot of licensed lines of shakers, from time to time, it also does collections of creations and themes it comes up with by itself. This month we’ve got another one of those series with the shaker brand’s special edition, Magical Creatures collection, made up of three bottles, each featuring a different color and mythical creature.

BlenderBottle’s Magical Creatures Series is made up of a purple, glittery unicorn design with the words “I don’t sweat, I sparkle”; an aquamarine mermaid shaker reading “Mermaids build mussels”; and lastly, a dark blue bigfoot-themed bottle with the line “Can you spot me bro?”

All of BlenderBottle’s Magical Creatures shakers come with its classic build and 28oz volume, and as mentioned, they’re special edition, so they’re not going to be around permanently. The Unicorn, Mermaid, and Bigfoot-themed bottles are in stock now on the brand’s website and are just $2 more expensive than a regular, single color standard BlenderBottle at $11.99.

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