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Celsius drops its limited Winter Edition for 2020 with Blueberry Frost

blueberry frost celsius energy drink

For a couple of years, the Swedish side of the beverage brand Celsius has been doing special Winter Edition flavors of its flagship energy drink with Ginger Ale in 2018 and Frozen Berry around this time last year. For 2020, Celsius is continuing that Winter Edition tradition with another limited-time taste for its signature beverage, introducing Blueberry Frost.

The all-new Blueberry Frost Celsius energy drink comes with all of the same ingredients as the others, combining vitamins, zero sugar, and 200mg of caffeine for energy. The can itself has a fitting, frosted blue design, and just like Ginger Ale and Frozen Berry having the numbers ’18’ and ’19’ on their cans, Blueberry Frost has ’20’ representing the year 2020.

The latest Celsius Winter Edition product is already showing up in stores and on shelves in Sweden, but as mentioned, it’s only available for a limited time, so be sure to grab it while you can.

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