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Explosive and limited Fireworks flavor coming to Chemical Warfare’s pre-workout

chemical warfare fireworks the bomb

Alternatively-branded special edition flavors and products have become quite common with supplement companies, although the increased popularity hasn’t taken away any of the fun and excitement. Brands continue to get more creative and come up with different angles and approaches, with the UK’s Chemical Warfare being one of the latest to announce that type of product.

The company, which has expanded quite a bit this year with many all-new supplements and series, has unveiled a limited-edition flavor of its stimulant pre-workout, The Bomb. Chemical Warfare has called the upcoming option Fireworks, with no description of what that actually tastes like, but the unique label design of the flavor certainly makes it look like an explosive experience.

You can get a look at the branding of the limited time Fireworks The Bomb in the image above, where Chemical Warfare swaps the product’s white-backed explosion of color with a handful of fireworks. The brand has said the special edition supplement will be arriving some time very soon, and it is going to be available to order by retailers and fans in both the UK and Europe.