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DNA Lean takes on nootropics with its first Health Series supplement

dna lean gamma mynd

Gamma-Mynd is the latest supplement from the UK brand DNA Lean, and fans should notice right away, its look is quite a bit different from any of DNA’s other products. The reason behind the alternative label design is Gamma-Mynd is a part of the brand’s all-new Health Series. The line focuses more on health and wellness as opposed to traditional sports nutrition, and it has a different look to help separate it from DNA’s others.

Gamma-Mynd is essentially the first supplement in DNA Lean’s Health Series, and as you could probably guess by its name, it is a nootropic-based product to support mental focus and cognition. You can catch the full blend of ingredients the brand has brought together for Gamma-Mynd in the facts panel below, including highlights such as 300mg of Cognizin citicoline, half a gram of lion’s mane, and 200mg of bacopa monnieri.

dna lean gamma mynd

Most notably, Gamma-Mynd does not come with any caffeine for energy, so if you’re someone who prefers a bit of that in their nootropic, you’ll have to combine Gamma-Mynd with an energy drink or something similar. DNA Lean’s Health Series nootropic product is now available for purchase in the UK. You can pick it up directly from the brand through its online store, where a bottle of 30 servings will cost you £34.99 (45.52 USD).