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Fitbakes announces its mouthwatering new protein bar with only 62 calories

fitbakes belgian chocolate crunch

Belgian Chocolate Crunch is a mouthwatering new protein snack from the UK functional brand Fitbakes, known for its soft, fluffy, tasty, and impressively lean Protein Cakes in a variety of flavors. Belgian Chocolate Crunch is an entirely new product from the brand in a more traditional protein bar format, filled with crispy and crunchy protein pieces.

Fitbakes latest snack looks absolutely delicious in pictures, as you can see above, combining that crispy piece body with a rich chocolate flavor throughout and an undoubtedly tasty chocolate drizzle on top. The only macros we know for the product are its calories at 62 per bar, with the protein apparently being relatively high and the sugar low.

While we don’t know the exact amount of protein in Fitbakes’ Belgian Chocolate Crunch, with 62 calories per bar, it certainly won’t be the typical 20g. Our guess is more in the realm of 8g of protein, although even at that amount, 62 calories is quite impressive, so we have to imagine the product is low in carbohydrates and fat as well as sugar.

Fitbakes is looking to launch its Belgian Chocolate Crunch protein bar next month, which is only a week away, and it is expected to be hitting all of the brand’s usual stores and stockists throughout Europe.

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