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Gaspari shares the first look at its SuperPump that’s been two years in the making

gaspari superpump aggression

Gaspari Nutrition has shared a much better look at the all-new supplement it started hyping last week, and it appears to be exactly what we suspected. The product the brand has apparently been working on for an impressive two years is SuperPump Aggression, and like all of the versions of SuperPump before it such as SuperPump 250, Max, 3.0, it is a pre-workout.

The upcoming SuperPump Aggression from Gaspari Nutrition is said to feature advanced technology and next-generation ingredients, suggesting it’ll be packed with some new compounds. That will indeed be quite interesting to see, especially in the pre-workout category, which is arguably the most competitive in the industry, and new ingredients will make it stand out.

Gaspari Nutrition has pictured its promising Superpump Aggression in three flavors with Fruit Punch Fury, Mango, and Italian Ice. The brand has not revealed anything else about the supplement, although we don’t imagine full details and a release are far away. We’re certainly excited to see how it turns out, mostly because of those next-generation ingredients.