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HR Labs shares the high stim formula behind its second pre-workout Riot Act

hr labs riot act

The reputable and growing UK brand HR Labs has shared the full list of ingredients and dosages behind its new pre-workout supplement Riot Act, separate from its original entry in the category, Defib. Riot Act was already confirmed as a higher-energy and more stimulant-powered pre-workout compared to Defib, something today’s reveal further confirms.

You can see the complete formula HR Labs has brought together for Riot Act, and like all of its other products, it is open and fully transparent. As you’d expect with a high-stimulant pre-workout, Riot Act does come with a substantial amount of caffeine at 400mg, with 320mg of that coming from regular caffeine anhydrous and the other 80mg from kola nut.

hr labs riot act

Alongside the caffeine sources, HR Labs has included several other stimulants, which altogether, aim to increase and enhance energy and mental focus. There is a gram of kanna, 300mg of the promising new stimulant EnXtra, 250mg of juniper berry, and half a gram of kigelia Africana or DMHA, plus BioPerine and AstraGin to help with absorption.

While Riot Act has been a long time coming, first mentioned in August, it now seems the latest HR Labs supplement is closer than ever to launch. We’re still unsure exactly when it’s going to arrive or how many servings you’ll get in a full tub, but we can confirm the two flavors it’ll have on its menu with Killa Kola and Gummy Powder.