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Killer Labz is revamping Noxious and promises it to be extremely competitive

killer labz noxious

The pump pre-workout Noxious from the hardcore brand Killer Labz, is getting revamped for 2020, and it is promising to be much more packed out and competitive than the current version. At the moment, the supplement comes with a fairly simple formula combining 3g of citrulline, 2g of GlycerPump, a gram of agmatine, coconut water, and norvaline.

We don’t yet know what’s going into Killer Labz promising Noxious sequel, only that the brand is extremely confident in it being competitive compared to everything else on the market. The supplement will still be called Noxious, come in flavored powder form, and be stimulant-free and stackable but with a whole lot more ingredients than what it currently has.

Killer Labz has shared a teaser image of the new Noxious, although it’s cleverly hidden the tub weight of the supplement, which is an important detail if it is as loaded as the brand says. We’ll have more information on the intriguing new product in the coming weeks with no launch date, week, or month set just yet.

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