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Glow-in-the-dark products coming Friday from Muscle Sport for Halloween

muscle sport ghoulade rhino rampage and bcaa revolution

Muscle Sport has done a few special edition flavors over the years, including one for Halloween with Green Monster for its stimulant pre-workout Rhino Black. For this coming Halloween, the brand is doing something entirely new for its other stimulant pre-workout Rhino Rampage, as well as its recovery supporting amino, BCAA Revolution.

The Halloween-themed flavor Muscle Sport has put together this year is called Ghoulade, and is described as a unique blend of candy lime and banana runts. As mentioned, the flavor has been put together for both Rhino Rampage and BCAA Revolution and is going to be available for purchase this coming Friday through the brand’s online store.

Another interesting feature of Muscle Sport’s Ghoulade Rhino Rampage and BCAA Revolution is the labels come with eye-catching glow-in-the-dark print. When they eventually arrive on Friday, you will also want to get in sooner rather than later, as the products are limited edition, and the brand has only produced 2,500 units of each.