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MuscleBlaze expands its bGreen family to two with a vitamin c supplement

muscleblaze bgreen

bGreen is line of supplements from MuscleBlaze that previously consisted of just the one product in a plant-based protein powder. The Indian brand has now expanded the collection to include a second supplement with bGreen Citrus Vitamin C. It is a powder formula that prides itself in providing vitamin c from a variety of citrus fruit sources.

MuscleBlaze’s bGreen Citrus Vitamin C packs 90mg of vitamin c per serving coming from 250mg each of amla, orange, lemon, and acerola fruit powder. The product does have a bit of nutrition in 4.25g of carbohydrates alongside that 90mg of vitamin c, with 3.32g of that sugar, giving the second bGreen supplement a total of 17 calories.

MuscleBlaze has launched bGreen Citrus Vitamin C in just the one flavor to start in Orange, with 25 servings per tub and will currently cost you ₹239 (3.26 USD) from the brand’s online store as well as the retailer HealthKart.

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