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Cookies and cream flavor coming to one of Novo’s tasty high-protein snacks

novo nutrition cookies and cream

Novo Nutrition, the functional brand out of the UK and maker of the incredibly delicious, Kit Kat-like Protein Break, is teasing a fresh new flavor for one of its current products. The image the brand is using to tease its upcoming item features a classic cookie and layer of cream, leading us to believe the obvious; it is a cookies and cream flavor.

The big question is, what product is getting Novo Nutrition’s take on the traditional flavor. The brand does have a few items cookies and cream would be right at home with, such as the high-protein Easy Bar, the delicious Protein Break highlighted above, or its signature Protein Wafer. They could all do with cookies and cream, but only one is getting it.

Our hopes lie with Novo Nutrition’s Protein Break; as mentioned, the product is impressive, and it only comes in one flavor. Cookies and cream would be amazing for the low sugar treat, especially with its taste, texture, and sweetness. For now, we are just speculating, but are certainly excited to see what product ends up with Novo’s first new flavor in well over a year.