Nutrabio puts together a limited edition Halloween-themed Pumpkin Pie

Oct 9th, 2020
nutrabio pumpkin pie classic whey

Nutrabio has revealed an awesome new flavor for its Classic Whey protein powder, featuring an alternative label design, similar to its Irish Whiskey Cream for St. Patrick’s Day and its Freedom Flavors Series for 4th Of July. With Halloween right around the corner, it’s no surprise, the brand’s newest product is Halloween-themed, with a detailed jack-o-lantern scarecrow illustration filling out most of its front.

While Nutrabio’s new flavor of Classic Whey does feature a Halloween inspired label design, the actual taste is more of just a general seasonal, fall flavor with Pumpkin Pie. The product is, of course, a limited-time launch, and comes with Classic Whey’s usual lean nutrition profile, with a strong 25g of protein from whey concentrate, roughly 2g each of carbohydrates and fat per serving, and a total of 130 calories.

Pumpkin Pie Classic Whey is going to be available for purchase directly from Nutrabio starting today from its online store at, in the one 2lb tub size.