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Nutristat previews a serum isolate-enhanced whey powered protein

nutritstat biowhey

The team at the reputable brand Nutristat is coming out with another protein powder called BioWhey, which promises superior digestion and absorption compared to your typical protein supplement. As far as we know, the product is separate from the brand’s current protein, Pur Native, another premium supplement made with grass-fed, native whey isolate.

What we know about Nutristat’s upcoming BioWhey is, true to its name, it is a whey-based protein powder, featuring whey isolate and hydrolyzed whey. We don’t know any of its macros, but with those sources, it will be quite lean, similar to Pur Native. The product is also enhanced with serum protein isolate, typically included to improve muscle recovery and growth.

Nutristat hasn’t provided a timeframe on when fans will be able to get their hands on BioWhey, although we are still waiting on the all-new version of Pur Peptide announced back in August.