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Newcomer Paradise previews a pre-workout spin-off for a slightly wider audience

paradise supplements tsunami goddess

Paradise Supplements is a relatively new brand that hit the market in August, and with a handful of products, covering most of the popular mainstream categories. The brand’s lineup consists of the stimulant pre-workout Tsunami, the stackable stimulant-free pre Pump On The Beach, the amino BCAA Cocktails, and the weight loss formula Summer Body.

The fun and colorful company still has plenty of categories to stretch into; however, it has just announced its next new product, and it’s actually for an area it’s already competing in. Paradise Supplements has revealed that sometime soon, it is introducing a spin-off of Tsunami with Tsunami Goddess, which appears to be a lighter pre-workout compared to the original.

We have yet to see the formula behind Paradise Supplements’ upcoming Tsunami Goddess, but the brand is describing it as more of a pre-workout for everyone. It still aims to help with energy, focus, pumps, and performance, although our guess is the formula won’t be as packed out with potentially lower dosages and a smaller variety of ingredients.