PEScience’s long-running Christmas edition flavor of Select Protein returns

Oct 26th, 2020
peppermint bark select protein

White Chocolate Mint is a flavor of Select Protein, PEScience introduced many years ago, all the way to 2015 as far back as we can remember. It is a limited-time, Christmas edition flavor, the brand frequently brings back for the holiday season. For 2020, the reliable brand has decided to relaunch White Chocolate Mint Select Protein once again, although this time, under a slightly different title.

PEScience’s new name for the returning and incredibly long-running flavor is Peppermint Bark Select Protein, still providing a solid 24g of protein per serving with 2.5g of carbohydrates, 1.5g of fat, and 120 calories. Fans of the brand can grab the Christmassy flavor from the PES website, where you can currently use the code ‘INSIDER’ and get it discounted to $25.50 for a full-size, 27 serving tub.