PharmaFreak putting Kingline’s unique biodegradable shaker to use

Oct 16th, 2020
pharmafreak biodegradable shaker

Earlier this year, we posted about a unique new shaker from the bottle manufacturer Kingline, which takes a more environmentally-friendly approach. Instead of making the product with the usual materials such as plastic or even stainless steel, Kingline’s latest effort is a strong and sturdy, heat-resistant, biodegradable shaker made from corn stalk.

The Ripped Freak maker PharmaFreak has now come out with confirmation that it’s the first brand we’ve seen putting that biodegradable shaker from Kingline, to use. The Canadian company has shown off its custom version of the product in its signature yellow with red print, featuring the PharmaFreak logo and the words ‘Blood, sweat, tears, glory’.

PharmaFreak is looking to launch its eco-friendly bottle on Tuesday of next week, and despite the unique build and material, it will cost the same as a regular shaker at $9.99 each.

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