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G Fuel gives FaZe Rug’s Sour Chug Rug a limited Halloween edition rebrand

sour nightmare fuel g fuel

In September, fans of G Fuel may remember the gaming supplement company did something we hadn’t seen it do before, and that was take a previously released flavor and give it a limited edition look. The Grape G Fuel is the one that had its label tweaked with a rebrand inspired by the production company Rooster Teeth and a change to its name with ‘People Like Grapes’.

G Fuel has now gone and done the same thing to its collaboration with FaZe Rug, Sour Chug Rug, giving it a special edition spin for Halloween. The limited-time product features a fresh new look themed around Halloween, and like Grape, it has a change in name to Sour Nightmare Fuel. The taste of the powder inside the tub is still the same; it’s only the outside that’s different.

According to G Fuel’s website, its limited-edition, rebranded Sour Nightmare Fuel G Fuel, is due to be available later today through Fans will be able to grab the supplement in its usual tubs of 40 servings, and in an awesome collector’s box with a full-size tub of the product and a shaker bottle.

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