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Immune health supplement Immuno Stack added to the Stacker2 Europe lineup

stacker2 europe immuno stack

Stacker2 Europe has joined the list of supplement companies now offering a dedicated immune support product, introducing Immuno Stack, packed full of vitamins, minerals, and various other ingredients. As mentioned, Immuno Stack is a supplement all about immune health formulated to support and protect your immune system, with all of its ingredients squeezed into a two-capsule serving.

The full formula behind Stacker2 Europe’s Immuno Stack comes with, as mentioned, a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals, including 160mg of vitamin c and 50mcg of vitamin d. The product also comes with probiotics to help with gut health, and a blend of elderberry, echinacea, quercetin, astragalus, and BioPerine black pepper.

Immuno Stack is now out and available in Europe, through all of Stacker2 Europe’s extensive list of stores and stockists in the one 30 serving bottle size.