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WellAware launches its eighth different collagen-based supplement

wellaware health marine collagen

Health and wellness brand WellAware from Sweden, already had one of the biggest selections of collagen-based supplements on the market. It has Collagen Drink, Beet Up Collagen infused with beetroot, Collagen Beauty, and the more recent hybrid protein, Collagen Whey. This month the brand has added another item to that selection, which does take a different type of approach.

Marine Collagen is WellAware’s latest collagen creation, and as you could probably gather by the name, it is a marine-sourced collagen supplement, as opposed to the more common bovine collagen. While collagen is the main feature of the product, that is not all that’s in there, with the brand also including hyaluronic acid, zinc, and selenium to further support healthy hair, skin, and nails.

The new marine-sourced collagen supplement is available directly from WellAware through its online store, where it is currently discounted from 249 kr down to 199 kr (22.57 USD). The product does come in powder form, and it is flavored, with just the one Pineapple option to choose from at the moment.