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4+ Nutrition drops a unique probiotic-powered immune health supplement

4 plus nutrition immuflor duo

The bright yellow brand 4+ Nutrition from Italy has followed up its immune support supplement ImmunC from last month with another immune health product in ImmuFlor+ Duo. While they both aim for the same overall goal to protect and support immune health, what separates the brand’s latest effort is its formula, which takes a slightly different approach to a similar end result.

4+ Nutrition’s ImmuFlor+ Duo aims to improve the body’s immune system by supporting the health of your intestinal barrier. The supplement features ∆ékinaKos echinacea like ImmunC, although alongside that is not vitamin c and zinc but ProBio+ probiotics and prebiotic fiber. The brand also separates the ingredients into two formats in the same package, with the probiotics in capsules and the rest in powder.

4+ Nutrition instructs users to take ImmuFlor+ Duo in quite a unique way that’ll see the product’s 15 servings last you 25 days. The brand’s program is to take one stick pack of powder a day for ten days, a stick pack and capsule for the following five days, then the remaining capsules once a day for ten days. Alternatively, you can take it the conventional way of a stick pack and capsule each day.