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Naturally-sweetened All Day You May arrives at the same price as the original

5 percent all day you may natural

Several months ago in July, 5% Nutrition announced a fresh new version of its popular amino-based supplement All Day You May, featuring a very different, mostly white label design with green accents. The detail that separates the product from the regular All Day You May is that it doesn’t have any artificial colors or flavors, hence its name, ‘All Day You May Natty’.

The goods news is, fans of 5% Nutrition who want to go the natural route won’t be paying anything extra or miss out on any ingredients or dosages by picking All Day You May Natty over All Day You May. The supplements both feature the same active ingredients in the same amounts, from 6g of BCAAs through to 205mg of the other six EAAs and a 600mg joint support blend.

As mentioned, the price of 5% Nutrition’s All Day You May Natty, in its own online store, is the same as the original at $42.99 for a tub of 30 full servings. The product does; however, only come in two flavors versus the regular All Day You May’s seven with Mandarin Orange and Strawberry Lemonade, both naturally sweetened with stevia.