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Macro Mike drops a limited Snack Bar that’s free during its Black Friday sale

macro mike chocolate macadamia protein bar

Like on most occasions and events, Australian functional specialist Macro Mike has put together an all-new product to celebrate Black Friday, and of course, a deal for its online store. The new product is actually a limited-time launch, so it’s not going to be around for good, and it looks absolutely delicious, introducing the Chocolate Macadamia Protein Snack Bar.

True to its name, Macro Mike’s special edition Black Friday release is a chocolate and macadamia flavor of its high-protein snack bar. It is plant-based and vegan-friendly, packing a moderate 11.43g of protein per bar, with most of that coming from almond protein. Alongside the protein, you get 17.15g of carbohydrates, 13.6g of sugar, 6.43g of fat, and 172 calories.

You can grab Macro Mike’s Chocolate Macadamia Protein Snack Bar at $4.95 (3.66 USD) a bar, or in a box of 12 at $49.95 (36.89 USD). It is also available as a freebie during the brand’s direct Black Friday sale, where it has up to 50% off everything. The freebie is a box of the Protein Snack Bar with purchases over $150, and orders of $250 or more get a free box, premium bottle, and a bag of Macro Mike’s Hot Chocolate Almond Protein.

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