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Apollon’s amino Chainsaw gets more for hydration, new flavors and a better price

apollon nutrition chainsaw v2

The ever-evolving Apollon Nutrition, which consistently revamps all of its popular and highly competitive supplements year after year, has done exactly that this week for its amino formula Chainsaw. The brand has made a few tweaks to its combination of ingredients, added some flavors, and adjusted the price, all while still keeping to the core of the original.

Apollon Nutrition’s second version of Chainsaw is still a BCAA-based product, powered by 5g of BCAAs at a 2:1:1 ratio to support muscle recovery and repair. Alongside those BCAAs in the new Chainsaw, is a revamped blend of hydration ingredients, including a gram of taurine, half a gram of coconut water, premium Calci-K, and a handful of electrolytes.

apollon nutrition chainsaw v2

As mentioned, Apollon Nutrition has changed the menu for Chainsaw as well, introducing two new flavors, with the lineup now consisting of Strawberry Margarita, Blue Bomb, Raspberry Lemonade, and Pina Colada. The last detail to talk about is the price of the supplement, which has come down slightly to $29.95, with the same 30 full servings per tub.

You can already order Apollon Nutrition’s more hydration supporting Chainsaw V2 starting today from its website at $29.95, although keep in mind, Black Friday is later this week, so you may want to wait.